Calvert, De Leon, Cantrell:

The History of Texas, 5th Edition

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Welcome to the Instructor Companion Site for

The History of Texas, 5th Edition

Welcome to the companion site for the fifth edition of The History of Texas, by Robert A. Calvert, Arnoldo De León, and Gregg Cantrell. This website gives you access to the rich tools and resources available for this text.

As of fall 2015, the resources on this website are also available as a digital cartridge compatible with Blackboard and other Learning Management Systems. To access the digital cartridge, click 'Browse By Resource' in the top menu and select the correct page from the drop-down menu.

On this website you will find resources for both instructors and students:

    For Instructors:
  • Test Banks and answer keys for each chapter
  • PowerPoint slides for each chapter

Please note that the resources for instructors are password protected and can only be accessed by instructors who register with the site.

    For Students:
  • Self-tests and answer keys for each chapter
  • A Student Guide for each chapter that includes:
  • Chapter overview
  • Chapter learning outcomes
  • Chapter key words and terms
  • Chapter web links

    Resources are displayed in two ways:

  • Using the menu at the top, select a chapter. A list of resources available for that particular chapter will be provided.
  • Using the menu at the top, select a resource. This will allow you to access a particular resource section. You will then have the option of selecting resources within the section or going directly to a specific chapter.

*The Student Guides, Student Self-tests and Instructor PowerPoint slides were created by Jeff Wells.

You are free to download the material on this site for your own use and teaching purposes. For all other uses please contact our Permissions Department.