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Instructional Design, 3rd Edition

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Instructional Design, 3rd Edition

Welcome to the Web site for Instructional Design, Third Edition by Patricia L. Smith and Tillman J. Ragan.

This Book Companion Site is intended for use by students, faculty, or ID practitioners who are using Instructional Design, 3rd Edition. Included are supplemental chapters, feedback for exercises in the text, an extended example covering the entire ID process, presentations and illustrations, job aids, learning activities for classroom use, a summary of events of instruction by type of learning along with example objectives for different types of learning, sample syllabi and schedules, user-contributed resources, and for instructor's only, test items correlated with chapter objectives and exercises in the text.

Print materials (just about everything except for the illustrations and presentations) are provided in PDF format. Two sorts of material are provided in PowerPoint format: 1) a set of lecture presentations organized by text chapter, and 2) a set of most of the illustrations used in the text, organized by chapter. Two items--job aids and test items--are provided in word processing format (.doc) to facilitate your use that involves modifying and editing the material. An additional item--user-contributed resources--may be in any of a variety of formats including word processing, .pdf, and .ppt. If you need any resource in a different file format from those provided, please do not hesitate to request it from your Wiley representative. We will be happy to help you.

To use any of the Learning Resources, click on its button. You will have the opportunity to then download the materials in the area you selected. Most of the files are moderate in size. The largest PowerPoint file is 720k. The majority of the PDF files are under 100k. The entire set of resources is approximately 12 megabytes.

We have worked on these materials for both our own teaching and for your use for over many years. We hope they are as helpful to you and your students as they have been to us and ours.

Pat and Tim
Norman, Oklahoma
September 10, 2004