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Meggs' History of Graphic Design, 4th Edition

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  • Please note that the images contained in both types of Image Bank (PowerPoints as well as Images for Individual Download) are the same. The Images for Individual Download are intended to be used by Educators who wish to create their own presentations or teaching materials.
  • To download an image, right click on it and select "Save As" which will allow you to indicate the folder where you wish to save the image.
  • The selection of images for inclusion in this presentation was based on two criteria. First, we solicited feedback from instructors currently teaching related courses to help us determine those images that would be most useful to Educators. We then reviewed any rights issues related to the use of these images in an electronic format. Images from the book that are not included in this presentation are not missing, but have been intentionally omitted due to rights restrictions.
  • The images contained in this Image Bank are intended to support the use of Meggs' History of Graphic Design, Fourth Edition in an educational environment. These images are delivered as screen-ready images at 200 dpi and are not intended for print reproduction.

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