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Understanding Physics, 2nd Edition

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Understanding Physics, 2nd Edition

Welcome to the website for Understanding Physics, 2nd Edition by Michael Mansfield and Colm O'Sullivan. This website gives you access to a wide range of multimedia learning resources including interactive exercises, simulations, animations and other supplementary materials to support each section of the first nineteen chapters of this text. To use these resources, first click on the relevant Chapter in the Browse by Chapter drop-down menu and then click on the Section you wish to access.

Each Section page contains links to freely available learning materials that have been chosen for their quality, suitability and their relevance to the subject matter in that section of Understanding Physics. Learners are particularly encouraged to utilise the interactive materials, all of which have been evaluated and tested by appropriate bodies such as Merlot (, Compadre (, MPTL ( or by the authors.

One objective of Understanding Physics is to give students the grounding needed to proceed smoothly to intermediate level courses and, with this in mind, some links include topics well beyond the scope of Understanding Physics. Learners should feel free to ignore such material unless specifically interested in the topics involved.

A link to a feedback facility is provided on each Section page.

An errata list relating to the first 2010 printing of Understanding Physics 2e is also available in the top navigation menu.

Resources for the final three chapters of Understanding Physics will be available from September 2012.