Franklin, Muir, Scott, Wilcocks, Yates:

Introduction to Biological Physics for the Health and Life Sciences

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Introduction to Biological Physics for the Health and Life Sciences

The objective of this textbook is to enhance the students’ learning of physics, by providing effective teaching of biological physics with a technique that has already been proven to be inspiring for those concerned about their education in this field of science. Intended for first and second year undergraduate students in the health sciences with little background in mathematics or physics, this valuable text can also be used as an introduction to physics for other life science majors who are interested in physics or wish to gain a broad background in the subject.

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On this web page you will find the following supplements to support this book:

  • PowerPoint slides for all the illustrations within the book

Solutions Manual

This textbook is accompanied by a numerical solutions manual and is available to all validated lecturers who have adopted the book for course use or those who are considering using the book.

Instructor’s Support Material – now available!

Comprises a range of resources to support a variety of learning experiences, from traditional tests and assignments to more innovative practices, i.e.

  • Advisory material – a list of learning aims, and suggestions for instructors
  • Question material - a worksheet, a set of multiple choice items that can be used in class or in a test, and supplementary problems.